Personal Tax Returns

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Personal Tax Returns

Trying to do your own taxes can often result in wasting money instead of saving it. Unless you are a local accounting or tax expert, you can easily miss valuable deductions or make other costly mistakes that result in paying higher taxes or even penalties. Let Corkey's prepare your personal tax returns so you can keep more of what you make.
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Corkey's has the ability to complete all Federal and State tax returns as well as local City tax returns for individuals,  if they are required.

If you are not in the Chicago area you can either fax your information to us at 847-451-0018, email it to us at, or U S Mail it to P.O. Box 97, Franklin Park, IL 60131.

If you are in the Chicago area call us at 847-455-8897 and make an appointment to stop by our office and have your tax return completed while you wait.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do we want the original of any paperwork you send us.  With what you send us we need:
  • a copy of your last tax return filed
  • a photocopy of your driver's license
  • if you are a student, a copy of your student ID, to allow you to receive your discount
  • If you are active duty military, or retired please send a copy of your military ID card you can white out your DOD id number, along with a copy of your driver's license. 
  • Please don't forget a valid email address and a phone number where you can be contacted if we have any questions. 

Our aim is to provide you with the results of your return within 4 days of receiving the information.  All of the returns that we process are filed electronically.  If you have a refund due, we will contact you to determine if you wish to receive a check or have the refund electronically deposited into your bank.  At that time we will require the bank routing number as well as  the account number.

In the past, we have found that some married couples filing joint tax returns receive a larger refund, or owe less in taxes, if the return is filed using the 'married filing separately' status and not the 'married filing jointly' status.   We automatically compute all of the tax returns that meet the conditions, both ways and send you a report of what the difference is. Before your return is filed you will be required to sign an E-File authorization form and return it to us. That is when payment is expected.   As a form of payment we accept checks, money orders, or you can pay by credit card.  

Straightforward Pricing To Suit Your Budget

-If you are a student, Corkey's will complete your Federal and State tax returns for a FLAT FEE of $80.00.  If you have more than one state return to file, the price stays the same..

-If you are an individual filing a Federal form 1040, Corkey's will complete your Federal and State tax returns for a FLAT FEE of $175.00

-If you are on Active Duty or a member of The National Guard, Corkey's will complete your Federal and State  tax returns for a FLAT FEE of $160.00

-If you are an Ex Pat, Corkey's will complete your tax Federal and State  returns for a FLAT FEE of $200.  This includes doing the FBAR return.  

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